Please read the following rules and regulations to make the most of your experience at the Quebec Videotron Centre. We hope you enjoy your visit and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

  • 1.Payment methods

    Videotron Centre will become a cashless environment as of December 2, 2023. Only Visa, MC, AMEX or debit cards will be accepted as payment methods.

  • 2.Alcohol

    Only alcoholic beverages purchased on the Centre site are permitted. Anyone found with alcohol purchased outside of the Centre will be subject to immediate expulsion. Visitors consuming alcohol must be 18 years or older and be in possession of a valid ID card.

  • 3.Pets

    With the exception of service pets for those with reduced mobility, animals are prohibited inside the Centre.

  • 4.Cameras

    Video cameras and audio recording devices are prohibited inside the Centre. It is forbidden to make any professional photo cameras, that the lens is more than 200 mm or detachable.

  • 5.Code of conduct

    The Centre is a venue for entertainment and to gather with family and friends. Courtesy and respect are a must. To maintain a friendly atmosphere, we ask that you avoid the following behaviours to avoid being asked to leave the site:

    • 5.1Threatening or disrespectful language and/or abusive gestures

    • 5.2Physical intimidation or violence of any kind

    • 5.3Intoxication from alcohol or drugs

    • 5.4Throwing objects

    • 5.5Re-entry is not allowed at the Videotron Centre. Once you have exited the building, you cannot re-enter unless it is an emergency. This rule also applies to smokers.

    We also ask that you sit in your designated seat and be ready to show your ticket to any Centre employee upon request. The management reserves the right to remove any spectator whose conduct is disrespectful, dangerous or may jeopardize the success and enjoyment of the event, without reimbursement.

  • 6.Smoking

    It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the Videotron Centre.

  • 7.Bag searches

    Please note that all bags brought onto the site will be searched. Only personal bags and bags for baby essentials are allowed. Any bags larger than a handbag (e.g. backpacks, totes, etc.) are prohibited in the Centre. Where necessary, the Videotron Centre's staff reserve the right to conduct a frisk or magnetic sensor search. Visitors who refuse to cooperate with such a search will be denied entry to the event, without reimbursement.

  • 8.Prohibited items

    To ensure the comfort and security of all visitors, the following items are prohibited from the Centre:

    • 8.1Alcohol purchased outside the Centre

    • 8.2Food and drinks purchased outside the Centre.

      However it is possible for visitors to obtain permission to bring their own food in case of food allergies or special dietary requirements. The Centre has a wide variety of restaurants and bars to satisfy all tastes. (Services / Restaurants).

    • 8.3Drugs

    • 8.4Laser pointers

    • 8.5Whistles, sirens, horns or any other noise-making objects or devices

    • 8.6Stolen tickets

    • 8.7Aerosols, fireworks and helium balloons

    • 8.8In-line skates, roller skates and skateboards

    • 8.9Coolers

    • 8.10Weapons or other dangerous objects

    • 8.11Any items prohibited at the request of the sponsor.

  • 9.Dress code

    Visitors must observe an appropriate, non-offensive dress code, respecting the norms of good public conduct.

  • 10.Phones

    Cellphones are permitted inside the Centre, as long as they do not disturb other spectators.

  • Please note that the Videotron Centre regulations are subject to change at any time and without notice. For any questions or comments, please contact customer service.
    • Glass surface in main entrance
      1512 m 2 of glass
    • 40m
    • 370
    • 1515
      staff working
    • architectural concepts
      Quebec winter and transparency
    • 18,259
      Capacity during hockey games
    • plumbing
      52 km of piping
    • 15km
      ventilation ducts
    • 30
      construction trades
    • equivalent needed to build 1,040 houses
      25,000 m 3 of concrete
  • construction
    200 truck loads of beams
  • room configuration
    7 possibilities
  • Building area
    65,037 m 2

Administrative office

250-B Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel

Quebec (Quebec) G1L 5A7


Main entrance

250-B Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel

Quebec (Quebec) G1L 5A7