Corporate lounges

Accessible through the main corridor, the lower level is located beneath the corporate lounges and can accommodate up to 10,010 people; nearly 55% of the total capacity of the Centre. There are 26 wheelchair-accessible seats for visitors and another 26 for accompanying guests. The lower level also includes a Club zone with approximately 912 seats facing the players’ bench between the two blue lines.

The services provided in all corporate lounges include the integration of IPTV, a touch screen, a wireless network and a remote connection to the concession stands. All suites are easily accessible through the corporate lounge corridor, and by the elevator reserved for suites spectators.

Red Bull suite

Accessed from the north of the second level of corporate salons, this lounge has a dedicated elevator. This lounge has a capacity of 64 people.


Treat your guests like royalty with an exceptional experience in one of our executive boxes, offering the ultimate in comfort, privacy and personalized service.

All boxes are located on the second level of corporate lounges, located horizontally alongside the ice, and can accommodate up to 96 people. The boxes can be accessed from the south end of the corporate lounges on the second level, and by the elevator reserved for corporate lounge spectators.

Whether you’re welcoming new customers, rewarding your employees, celebrating a special occasion or hosting a group of friends, the Centre’s executive boxes make for a truly unforgettable experience.

Videotron Mobile Zone

The Videotron Centre is home to one private club available to seat holders in the Club zone. However the opportunity to buy tickets with access to the Club area is available to customers who wish to enjoy the bar, hot buffet and the comfort provided in this welcoming private space. The Club zone can be accessed from the northwest wing of the amphitheatre, which is clearly identified. It is also possible to reserve a parking spot near the Club zone.

    • Glass surface in main entrance
      1512 m 2 of glass
    • 40m
    • 370
    • 1515
      staff working
    • architectural concepts
      Quebec winter and transparency
    • 18,259
      Capacity during hockey games
    • plumbing
      52 km of piping
    • 15km
      ventilation ducts
    • 30
      construction trades
    • equivalent needed to build 1,040 houses
      25,000 m 3 of concrete
  • construction
    200 truck loads of beams
  • room configuration
    7 possibilities
  • Building area
    65,037 m 2

Administrative office

250-B Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel

Quebec (Quebec) G1L 5A7


Main entrance

250-B Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel

Quebec (Quebec) G1L 5A7