Some of you are probably wondering about the design concept behind the visual identity of Première Place...

The figure 1 is used to emphasize that we are given 1st priority, and that we are the founders, with unrivalled ambition and exclusive privileges.

The oval shape represents the arena and its stands, signifying the realization of a dream years in the making.


Superimposing the oval shape over the number 1 creates a P for ‘Première’ and also echoes the P in ‘Place.’ This is to highlight the key role of J’ai ma place members in getting the project off the ground, and their continued support in bringing the arena to the forefront both at home and away.


The colour blue is cold yet bright, simultaneously evoking the Nordic climate of Québec, the Vidéotron Centre building and the ice on the rink.

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    • Glass surface in main entrance
      1512 m 2 of glass
    • 40m
    • 370
    • 1515
      staff working
    • architectural concepts
      Quebec winter and transparency
    • 18,259
      Capacity during hockey games
    • plumbing
      52 km of piping
    • 15km
      ventilation ducts
    • 30
      construction trades
    • equivalent needed to build 1,040 houses
      25,000 m 3 of concrete
  • construction
    200 truck loads of beams
  • room configuration
    7 possibilities
  • Building area
    65,037 m 2

Administrative office

250-B Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel

Quebec (Quebec) G1L 5A7


Main entrance

250-B Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel

Quebec (Quebec) G1L 5A7