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Major partnership agreement between Quebecor Sports and Entertainment and Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi

QSD et Alex Coulombe ltée
Mathieu Belanger

On the photo (from left to right): Jean-Michel Ménard-Dumas, Senior Partnerships Representative, Quebecor Sports and Entertainment Group, Martin Tremblay, Chief Operating Officer, Quebecor Sports and Entertainment Group, Émilie Coulombe, Director of Sales, Alex-Coulombe ltée-Pepsi, Steve Francis, Director of Business Development, Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi and Stéphane Lord, Vice President of Sales, Quebecor Sports and Entertainment Group.


Québec City, Wednesday, November 2, 2022 — Quebecor Sports and Entertainment Group is pleased to announce a major partnership agreement with Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi. The agreement covers the Québec Remparts hockey team, the Videotron Centre, the Baie de Beauport site and the major events produced by Gestev, such as the Je Cours Qc running series.

“ Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi has been a partner of the Québec Remparts for 25 years,” said Emilie Coulombe, Sales Manager at Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi. “Our association began at their old home rink, the Colisée de Québec, which became the Colisée Pepsi in 1999. The agreement was renewed with the Videotron Centre, the team’s current home. We are proud of this new partnership agreement, which deepens our presence in Québec City and our leadership position in the market.”

Since the Videotron Centre opened in 2015, visitors to the arena have been enthusiastic consumers of the products bottled and distributed by Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi. Its line of beverage brands includes Pepsi, 7UP, Gatorade, Rockstar and Montellier sparkling water. The new partnership will further raise the company’s visibility and help quench the thirst of an expanded pool of consumers, as its products will now be distributed at Baie de Beauport, the Videotron Centre, including the home games of its resident team the Québec Remparts, and major events produced by Gestev such as Je Cours Qc.

“We are very pleased to continue our partnership with Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi, a family business that also based in Québec,” said Martin Tremblay, Chief Operating Officer of Quebecor Sports and Entertainment Group. “The continuation of this business relationship, and its extension to Quebecor Sports and Entertainment and four of its entities, spring from a deep well .”

Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi has been a prominent player on Québec City’s events scene for more than two decades. It is happy to continue in that role and to be part of other Quebecor Sports and Entertainment projects. This agreement between the two Québec leaders will be a plus for major events in Québec City and for the city’s residents. The Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi family is excited to be broadening its involvement in the community.

About Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi

Alex Coulombe ltée-Pepsi, established in 1905, is a 4th generation family business that bottles and distributes a wide variety of beverages to meet every consumer need—hydration, energy, vitamins, taste and sheer drinking pleasure. The company bottles major brands including Pepsi, 7UP and Crush at its Québec City plant. It owns Montellier, a sparking water brand created by the family in 1984. Sourced directly from an underground spring north of Québec City, Montellier is a world-class Québec product.

About Quebecor Sports and Entertainment Group

Quebecor Sports and Entertainment Group leads the way for producing, broadcasting and promoting sporting and cultural events to showcase homegrown and international talent throughout the market it serves. Grouping the Vidéotron Centre, Gestev, the Baie de Beauport, the Quebec Remparts, the Armada and Musicor, Quebecor Sports and Entertainment Group
goes above and beyond to deliver quality events with extensive opportunities for convergence driven by the strength of the group.

Québecor Sports et divertissement

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