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Opening of a Blaxton restaurant at the Videotron Centre

Opening of a Blaxton restaurant at the Videotron Centre
Mathieu Belanger

The Videotron Centre and the Blaxton restaurants are proud to announce the opening of a brand new restaurant in the amphitheatre, in association with restaurateurs Charles Lacroix, Steve Leroux and Bassem Oueslati. While construction is scheduled to begin in 2023, the official opening of this restaurant worthy of the great arenas of North America will take place in 2024.

With an investment of more than $2 million, the Blaxton Videotron Centre will have more than 300 seats and will be open to the public seven days a week. It will offer its customers a 360° culinary, sports and musical experience. Located directly in the lobby of the amphitheatre and equipped with a separate door, this true stadium restaurant will enhance the customer experience offered by the Videotron Centre, in addition to energizing the ExpoCité site and allowing citizens to enjoy it year-round!

After the resounding success of Blaxton Lebourgneuf and Blaxton Aéroport de Québec, this will be the third Blaxton restaurant for Lacroix, Leroux and Oueslati. The founders of the Blaxton Pub&Grill chain, Peter Sgobba and Antoine Rouleau, will accompany the Videotron Centre team, Mr. Lacroix, Mr. Leroux and Mr. Oueslati, in the opening of this new restaurant, scheduled for January 2024. This will be the fifth Blaxton restaurant in the Quebec City area.

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    • Glass surface in main entrance
      1512 m 2 of glass
    • 40m
    • 370
    • 1515
      staff working
    • architectural concepts
      Quebec winter and transparency
    • 18,259
      Capacity during hockey games
    • plumbing
      52 km of piping
    • 15km
      ventilation ducts
    • 30
      construction trades
    • equivalent needed to build 1,040 houses
      25,000 m 3 of concrete
  • construction
    200 truck loads of beams
  • room configuration
    7 possibilities
  • Building area
    65,037 m 2

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250-B Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel

Quebec (Quebec) G1L 5A7